Stem Cell Hair Therapy

Hair loss is a stressful experience. As a result of some factors such as genetic factors, stress, harmful habits (especially smoking), nutritional disorders, pregnancy and vitamin deficiencies hair follicles weaken resulting in hair loss. Stem cell therapy is an herbal procedure.
The Stem cell procedure involves vitamins, amino acids and minerals needed by the scalp being injected into the scalp. During the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain.

Stem cell therapy takes approximately 10 minutes and the patient can continue with their daily lifestyle straight away. Refraining from washing the hair for 1-2 days following the procedure will increase the absorption of hair follicles.
Although the number of Stem cell sessions vary according to the need and the condition of the scalp, 5 to 10 sessions on average per year is enough for many people. Although the frequency between these sessions varies from person to person, at least 15 days’ time should be allowed in between and

Who is eligible for Stem cell therapy?
The most important feature that distinguishes Stem cell therapy from the other procedures is easy application. Therefore, it can be applied to people of all ages. In addition, Stem cell therapy differentiates from other operations by enabling nourishment of the existing hair follicles, and thus ensures that hair loss is minimised, especially during seasonal transitions. In addition to hair loss, stem cell procedure can be performed on people who want to keep their existing hair before or after hair transplantation, to nourish hair follicles and change their dull/lifeless appearance, to allow hair to grow faster or to prevent hair breakage. In addition, stem cell treatment reduces hair loss, it strengthens and improves some of the hair cells that are not completely dead.

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