PRP Hair Technique

P.R.P treatment is used to stop hair loss and strengthen hair roots. P.R.P treatment uses pa Your hair follicles that are about to die or weakened recently will come to life and your hair will regain its former health.HHT offers a further innovation to its clients by initiating PRP treatment. A special serum which is gained from your own blood by exposing it to a special process to separate the white blood cells and platelets, is injected into the bald or diluted area.


P.R.P. revitalization of the hair follicles that are attenuated by the treatment: 10 cc is taken from the patient’s venous blood. The centrifuged blood is divided into white and red blood. Red blood white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, PGF (Platelet growth factor) are available. After the red blood is subjected to a special treatment, it is injected into the diluted area by the napage method. The basis of this application is based on tissue regeneration. This process lasts a total of 30 minutes, no pain, no trace occurs. The person who made the application can return to normal life instantly.

Application is made for three months, once a month. Then it is enough to apply once a year. Now you will start to see the difference between you and your peers.

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