Post Hair Transplant

What should be done after hair transplantation?
The most important process begins after the hair transplantation has been completed. Attention and sensitivity are very important from the process of hair removal. On the day of surgery, the band is removed from the head, cleaned in both areas and blood circulation is checked. Following the day after transplant, the transplanted area and the donor area are dressed.

The patient can continue to wash their hair as normal. The transplanted hair will experience spillage on the 10th day and this spill phase can extend up to 45 days. This is due to the breakage of the remaining hair follicles during the opening of the channels, whilst trying to remove the hair tissue. However, since the root and the tissue remain under the skin, this is not a problem or danger, so it is a completely expected condition. After one hundred days hair growth will begin. Because hair has a certain texture chain and hair that can complete this chain will start to grow and grow. 

Some hair completes this in three months, while others can complete for five months and some years later. However, the average length of hair growth is around one year. The transplanted hair will be completely natural if the correct technique is applied and careful implanting is performed, it will not shed if there isn’t any unexpected health problems, bumps or accidents.

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