Dental Implants

The implant is a screw-shaped titanium structure secured to the jaw to replace missing teeth. Titanium implants are used because titanium bonds well with the jaw and provides maximum strength. Implants are a high demand procedure as it is the only permanent solution to replace missing teeth. 

Patients with missing teeth may experience problems such as chewing deficiency and speech impairments. It can also cause bone loss in the empty place where the tooth is missing. As a cone beam CT scan is taken before every procedure it will check for bone loss and if any bone loss is present a bone graft will be required before getting implants.

Who the implant treatment can be applied to?
Patients with healthy gums, jaw and bones that can support the implants will benefit from the procedure but patients who have received radiotherapy in the head and neck area won’t be able to benefit from this procedure.

Are implants risky?
As with any treatment, there are some small risks involved such as mis-angling, mis-positioning, nerve injury, bleeding during the procedure, hole formation in the bone in the implant area, and bone loss in the lower jaw. However, as we work with the best dentists these risks are significantly reduced and we have a very high success rate.
After getting implants it is important for patients to maintain good dental hygiene and clean around the implant regularly to avoid any infections.

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